A for Amiga

by cTrix

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【NERDOG】- Paulo Raposo
【NERDOG】- Paulo Raposo thumbnail
【NERDOG】- Paulo Raposo Although Futureblue is my favorite from this album, I've been following your work for a while and I love it all. Please make more Amiga albums! Your musical compositions just sound so perfect in this sound font. Favorite track: Futureblue.
brtlttji thumbnail
brtlttji I was down, as only the modern age of music seems to put you, then this slice of 80's sounding electronica brought back my childhood of joy.
Newt-san thumbnail
Newt-san What an excellent EP we got here !
An epic journey into the past, back in the good old Amiga days, the best computer ever made.

cTrix is an absolute Protracker genius, a real computer music maestro.
I definitely look forward to hearing more from him.

This EP is a must-have for any Amiga game music addict.

Keep up the good work, cTrix ! \m/ Favorite track: Basewalk.
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Here is the EP we have been so eagerly waiting for. “A for Amiga” is a 7 track EP that should be viewed as an ontological musical work of the Golden Age of the Commodore Amiga scene. We really believed these days were over, but here is an artist that doesn’t need to be in the 90s anymore to be able to do proper, and we mean it, really good oldskool scene music. Getting away from the monotonous and predictable Techno sound of today he seduces us with Rainbow-Multi-layered harmonies and kaleidoscopic Synth leads that drive this EP into a non-stop explosion of incredible musical ideas. Not only brilliant from the Harmonic point of view, cTrix is also a versatile drum programmer. It’s an EP that tells us that this man knows everything about the Amiga scene and that there is little you can do about it.

With styles ranging From Prog-jazz to Retro-synthpop, this EP will definitely bring you back to the Sound of the computing underground of the 90s.

Mixed by Markus Ingram & cTrix at Sunshine Recorder, Melbourne, Australia. Cover artwork by Mirco Monsees.

About cTrix:
cTrix comes from Australia and has been an avid Amiga tracker since the age of 12 and thrives on its limitations. He drives a rough & crunchy sound covering styles from Synthpop to 90′s rave. His music has been described as: “a phat and chunky combination exploring many styles”.He recently invented the gAtari (an Atari strapped like a guitar), and has played in almost every important Chip stage from New York to Tokyo to Amsterdam.


released December 16, 2013


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BLEEPSTREET Records Berlin, Germany


Bleepstreet is an independent record label based in Berlin, Germany, founded in 1998 by Johan Kotlinski, creator of LSDj and pioneer of the emerging chiptune scene of the early 2000s.

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